The business company

C. Melchers & Co. was established on January 1, 1806 in Bremen, where the global company still maintains its headquarters to this very day.

1866 saw the establishment of the first branch in Hong Kong, in the wake of which China began to develop into a key lynchpin for the company’s business. The ensuing decades were a period of rapid growth for Melchers in China, with over 2,000 people employed at 12 branches and plants throughout the country.

Today, the company provides an extensive network, which includes besides the head office in Bremen numerous representative offices, subsidiaries and affiliates. Worldwide, more than 1,600 employees work for the Melchers Group, over 900 of them in the Far East.

The MELCHERS TECHIMPORT GMBH is a subsidiary of the MELCHERS group and a suitable trade and service partner for European customers in industry and trade. The technical import is the focus of business activities. A team of qualified employees in Bremen and the Far East is committed to solving the tasks of our customers.

Head Office Germany

Melchers Techimport GmbH

Schlachte 39/40

28195 Bremen

Tel.: +49 421 17 69 0

Fax: +49 421 17 69 34 18