Pulleys, pump housings, sprocket wheels, valve parts, fittings, brake discs, bearing housings, engine and transmission parts etc.

Stamping, welding and forging parts

Steel profiles, plain bearings, bearings, hinges, locks, tools, chassis parts, axle and steering parts, working platforms, base plates, machine housing etc.

Plastic parts

Housing, caps, couplings, tarpaulins, foil’s, sheet, gears, pulleys, bearings, filters, gaskets, O-rings, lenses, acrylic glass, plastic bottles etc.

Electrical parts

LED lamps, LED solutions, Loudspeakers, microphones, sensors, solenoids, sound generator, switches, controls, relays, ionizers, air conditioners, power tools.

Consumer goods

Hinges, latches, door latches, air pressure nailers, hot glue guns, safety shoes, work clothes, LED lamps, LED light solutions, machine jack, garden tools, water bowl etc.

Floor systems

A trademark of Melchers Techimport GmbH in germany is Melbo – Melchers Floor Systems