Melchers Techimport

We procure your technical components

Technical import from Far East

For 28 years we have been procuring your industrial components and parts via our production network in the Far East … independently, flexibly, reliably and transparently.

Through framework agreements pre-financed by us with warehousing in our northern German home Bremen, we assure you of reliable and binding delivery of your components.

Our core capabilities

Over 150 years of experience in Asia – 28 years of procurement from the Far East

Efficient project support in the interest of our customers

Pre-financed warehousing in Bremen, Northern Germany

Professional quality- and supply chain management by our own staff in the Far East

years on the market


happy costumers

Business units


Procures your individual system floor substructures. In-house production also in Bremen.

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Modern services in the field of technical products: international procurement, engineering, production, quality assurance and transportation to secure your competitive advantage in a globalized economy.